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Adoption - adoption articles

Why People Choose Adoption

Why People Choose Adoption

Adoption is an answer to prayer for many people, a miracle and their only hope for ever having children. There are thousands of people in the world who are unable to have children of their own for health reasons. This is unfortunate and extremely disappointing for couples who desperately want children. For most people, starting and raising a family is the most important goal in their lives. This dream is quickly diminished when a doctor informs them that having children naturally is not an option.

Adoption is the only alternative for couples who are unable to reproduce. Adoption provides hope and happiness for thousands of couples. It offers them an opportunity to become parents and raise children in a family environment. Adoption offers these couples a privilege that otherwise would have been impossible. Many people choose adoption because it is there only chance to have the family they always dreamt of. Some couples adopt one child leading to adopting one or more further down the road.

While most people choose adoption because it is there only hope, other people choose adoption for other reasons. There are couples who are quite capable of producing their own offspring but decide to adopt instead. Why would they choose adoption? In this day and age, big families with six or seven children are almost unheard of. Most families today consist of two parents with two or three children. Some couples choose to have only one child. In most cases nowadays, both parents are working and the option of the mother staying home to raise children is out. In order to survive financially and provide for a family, both parents are required to work. If a couple chooses to have only one child, perhaps they might choose adoption. Adoption not only provides parents hope but also provides hope for a child who desperately needs love and attention. There are thousands, perhaps even millions of children in the world who are seeking loving homes and caring parents. Lucky for them there are couples who recognize this need and choose adoption rather than having children of their own. There are millions of people in the world who see the need for adoption and make it their mission to provide at least one child a chance at happiness through adoption. Adoption in this case is a true act of selflessness on the part of the couple.

There are families, with two parents and children, who choose adoption. Perhaps a couple may have one or two children of their own but are fortunate enough financially to support a third or even forth child. Seeing other children in need stirs feelings of compassion, not only in parents but also in children. Often times a family decision is made to adopt a child who is less - fortunate and needs a loving family. Whether the adoption if from a neighboring town or a foreign country, these families are determined and committed to providing a stable, loving home - life for an adopted child.

Adoption is a magnificent act of love and compassion. For many people choosing adoption means their only chance at ever having children. For other people choosing adoption is an act of selflessness and compassion. There are many reasons people choose adoption and although personal, they are motivated by love. For the child being adopted, adoption is their key to a bright and happy future.

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