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Public or public domestic adoption refers to any adoption which arranged by a government or public agency. In the past, most adoptions were done in this manner. However nowadays, many adoptive parents choose private adoptions, particularly overseas adoption. A public adoption agency had more control over the process than a private adoption agency. With public adoption, the prospective parents have fewer choices. Public adoption agencies are primarily focused on the safety and welfare of the child and their priority is finding the perfect set of parents for the adoptive child, rather than finding the perfect child for the adoptive parents. When choosing public adoption, the prospective parents do not have a whole lot of say, the agency has the upper hand.

There are requirements of the prospective parents when going through the public adoption process. These requirements are basic no matter where a public adoption takes place. The prospective parents are required to attend an information session. This session will provide important and relative information about the public domestic adoption process. The adoptive parents will be required to complete police clearance and medical reports. They have to attend adoption classes. Completed family and social history information is needed. The prospective parents are also required to provide personal references. There is an adoption practitioner assigned to the adoptive parents and a home study must be completed. After all of these requirements are meant, a child is placed in the home of the adoptive parents. In public adoption, there is a probationary period following the placement of the adopted child. During this time the adoption practitioner makes follow - up visits. After the probationary period is up, the parents are required to submit a post - placement report to whoever is in charge of adoption in the province or state. When everything is in order and the requirements are meant, the adoptive parents will receive an adoption order from the court.

In a public adoption, there are normally no costs involved for adopting through a public agency. However, time is a factor in public adoption. The entire process can be lengthily. Depending on the child the adoptive parents are after, the timeframe can fluctuate significantly. The information sessions and home study which are required can take almost a year to complete. When it comes to the actual placement or a child, it depends a lot on the adoptive parents and what type of child they want. If individuals are looking for a healthy newborn, they will likely have to wait a minimum of eight years. However, if adoptive parents are interested in a child with special needs, one could be placed almost immediately.

In public adoption, the biggest advantage is the cost factor. There is usually no cost involved in public domestic adoption. It individuals are anxious to adopt and willing to accept the responsibilities of raising a child with special needs, the timeframe is very short. This is another advantage of public adoption. In public adoption, there is little risk regarding a birth mother changing her mind. Most children who are available through public adoption are wards of the state; some who have been neglected, abused and even abandoned.

Disadvantages in public adoption are generally due to the restrictions and rules concerning child placement, types of children available and of course the wait, depending on the type of child the adoptive parents are looking for.

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