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Non - profit Adoption Organizations

Adoption is for many North Americans, the only chance to have a family. There are many couples who are unable to reproduce and there are others who choose not to. Many of these couples want children and so they choose adoption. There are many routes to take when looking for adoptive children. Depending on the country the prospective adoptive parents want to adopt from, they have the option of searching themselves, obtaining the help of an adoption agency or working with a non - profit adoption organization.

Non - profit adoption organizations are created for different reasons. The most likely reason is a love for children and a heart for children who are unwanted or abandoned. Non - profit adoption organizations are financed completely through personal and business donations. These organizations are not concerned about turning over a profit but, they are concerned about turning lonely children over to loving, compassionate adoptive parents. There are non - profit adoption organizations world - wide. Most of these adoption organizations are based in a specific country but have representatives in each and every country with children available for adoption.

For prospective adoptive parents who are interested in learning about non - profit adoption organizations, the Internet is a great source of information. Carrying out a search on a popular search engine such as Yahoo or Google will provide loads of useful information about non - profit adoption organizations. Below are examples of non - profit adoption organizations. Listed is the address to their website as well as a brief description.

* Children’s Hope International
- A full service, non - for - profit 501 ( C ) ( 3 ) adoption and humanitarian agency. CHI is well organized in each country to assist families in adopting. CHI makes approximately 800 child placements each year. About half of the adoptive children are from China, the other half is divided among Russia, Colombia, Guatemala, Ethiopia and Vietnam.
- Information about CHI can be found at
* Sunshine Adoption Inc.
- A non - profit child placing agency. Sunshine Adoption facilitates the adoption of orphaned children from a number of countries. Sunshine Adoption Inc. is “committed to improving the lives of orphaned children around the world; and dedicated to seeking qualified families ready to embrace these children into their homes through international adoption. ”
- Information about Sunshine Adoption Inc. can be found at
* The International Adoption Association ( IAFA )
- A non - profit society registered in the province of Alberta, Canada. IAFA’s mission statement says “The IAFA exists to support, educate and inform families about international adoption, to act as a resource to the general public regarding international adoption, and to lobby, educate and exchange information with relevant bodies such as licensed adoption agencies, community organizations, and the provincial and federal governments. ”
- Information about IAFA can be found at

These are just three examples of non - profit adoption organizations. Visiting their websites, prospective adoptive parents will learn there are many people in North America who are very concerned about orphaned and abandoned children. If people are looking for information about adoption, these three non - profit adoption organizations are excellent places to start.

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