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Meeting Your Adoptive Children

Meeting Your Adoptive Child

When prospective adoptive parents set out to find that special child, their goal is to meet their adoptive child. Meeting your adoptive child makes the process of adoption, with its lengthily procedure, worth the time and hard work. When informed by an adoption agency that there is an adoptive child for you, from that day forward, your main ambition is to meet your adoptive child.

Adoptive couples who choose private adoption may have an advantage when it comes to meeting their adoptive child. Many private adoptions are very open, with the adoptive parents and the birth mother forming a relationship. Together they go through the pregnancy. Together they make the adoption plans. Sometimes the relationship between the birth mother and the adoptive parents is so good that the birth mother will allow the adoptive parents to witness the birth of their adoptive child. This must be a magnificent moment and an extraordinary experience for the adoptive parents. Once the baby is born, they will be meeting their adoptive child.

International adoption provides opportunities for adoptive parents to meet their adoptive children. Initially the only visual the adoptive parents have of their child is a photo. Adoption agencies will provide photos of the adoptive child. This alone is enough to cause excitement and anticipation. The idea of meeting their adoptive child must be an unexplainable concept. Once the paperwork has all been completed, many agencies recommend or even require the adoptive parents to visit their child in their homeland. Countries actually require this of the adoptive parents to allow them to see their adoptive child in their cultural environment. This visit will provide the adoptive parents to learn about customs and culture of their adoptive child’s native country. It also provides the adoptive parents with the ultimate privilege of meeting their adoptive child. Meeting an adoptive child in a foreign land can be difficult because of the language barrier. However, when the adoptive parents first set eyes on their adoptive child, it must be a moment of pure joy. Realizing this child will soon be returning to their home, to be loved and nurtured by them, has to be an amazing feeling for the adoptive parents. During the adoption process the focus is on home studies and legal documents, with only a photo to motivate the adoptive parents. To finally meet their adoptive child and hold them in their arms, lets the adoptive parents know that the challenges and hard work were all worth it.

Meeting your adoptive child for the first time will unleash all sorts of feelings. To know that you’ve worked through, perhaps years, of applications, home studies, medical and criminal screenings and depleted your entire life’s savings, would probably produce feelings of relief. No doubt meeting your adoptive child for the first time will erase any and all worries and stress related to the adoption process. Meeting your adoptive child for the first time will require the adoptive parents to be understanding and patient.

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